Classy as Fuck Cocktails


60+ Damn Good Recipes for All Occasions



Classy as Fuck Cocktails is a cocktail book that celebrates the fine arts of drinking and swearing.

Feeling classy as fuck? Have a Bellini. Life kicking your ass? Try a Corpse Reviver. Expecting company? Batch that shit!

• Includes more than 60 recipes ranging from the fucking classics to fancy-ass twists
• Features dozens of variations including low and non-alcohol options
• Covers the basics on glassware, hardware, spirits, and methods

This cocktail collection is a fucking must for beginners and experienced mixologists alike.

Complete with a gold foilûstamped cover, gilded page edges, metallic ink, and sassy calligraphy throughout, this makes this a stylish addition to any home bar.

By Calligraphuck
Published By: Chronical Books
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Size: 5 x 7 V
Publication Date: 08/11/2020
ISBN: 9781452182667