Vegan in the House


This is everyday food for everyone, with nutritionally balanced vegan meals and flexible options. Vegan in the House is the essential cookbook for any family venturing into veganism.

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Embrace the vegan in your home and keep the whole household happy and well fed without making different meals for everyone.

Not a fan of tofu? Fear not: this vegan cookbook is packed with 150 healthy, delicious recipes that will appeal to adults and children alike, using grains, pulses, and other natural meat- and dairy-free alternatives as the base ingredient. You’ll find options for every meal of the day, whether you’re looking for quick lunchbox ideas for vegan kids or preparing a big dinner for the whole family.

“The good stuff” box on each recipe gives an expert breakdown of nutritional value, so everyone is getting the nourishment they need. An additional “Flex It” section on many recipes gives busy cooks an option to easily add meat or dairy to their meal, perfect for pleasing non-vegan members of the household or families wanting to go “flexitarian.”

Hardcover: 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781465485847
Publisher: Penguin Random House, DK (JAn 2019)
Product Dimensions: 233 x 195 mm