A retail utopia unlike any other, Nathan & Co is a place where the shopping experience is just as lovely as the loot you leave with, where your name is remembered and the gift-wrapping is always free. It is decidedly modern and chic, but never pretentious and forever fun.

Nathan & Co offers hoards of heavenly home accessories, from stylish stationery and cheeky greeting cards to brilliant baby gifts. Of course, there are tons of other tantalizing curiosities to check out, including an array of elegant and affordable jewelry (spotlighting some of the most talented local jewelry designers!). It is not unusual to see locals chatting, spot their canine neighbors enjoying Nathan & Co treats, or hear someone laughing out loud as they thumb through a particularly witty book found intertwined among Nathan & Co’s brilliant and clever visual displays.

Nathan & Co is a lifestyle boutique filled with little treasures, innovative products, and the perfect gift. With two locations in Oakland, CA, each boutique is chic and eye-catching, but never cliché or stuffy. The stores make shopping fun again, and offer complimentary gift wrap onany purchase – for a final Nathan & Co touch that makes your shopping experience anything but ordinary.

Shop Nathan’s favorites online or visit one of the brick and mortar stores, where they can pamper you the old-fashioned way.