Alpaca Mittens – Color Block – Azul


Showcasing a mirage of the most alluring shades of blue. These Azul Alpaca Mittens are perfect for those who love the outdoors. Whether it’s clear blue skies or a vast ocean that excites you, you’ll be in the mood for adventure with these accessories. With a color block pattern that highlights these blue hues, your neutrals become anything but basic. Not only a feast to the eyes, these mittens are functional too. Thanks to its 100% alpaca composition, you’ll be treated to luxurious warmth and softness like no other.

These Azul Alpaca Mittens are a gateway to sceneries reminiscent of blue skies and vast oceans. The striking blue hues will certainly add flair to your cold weather looks. Made from 100% alpaca, these modish mittens are also extremely soft, warm, and durable.

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Material: 100% Baby Alpaca
One Size